How to Bulk Import 301 Redirects to Webflow

Currently, Webflow only allows you to manually add one 301 redirect at a time. If you have any more than 10 redirects to add, this is a nightmare. If you are migrating content from one platform to another, this is a nightmare.

This tutorial walks through the process of taking your URLs and using Parabola to fit them into a script that we can use to bulk-add these 301 redirects into the Webflow Hosting tab.

What are 301 Redirects?

A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one, typical old URL to a new web address. These are recommended for SEO because when redirecting from an old URL slug, the full link equity ('link-juice' or ranking power) of the old URL is passed over to the new one.

This means that in a use-case such as mine, where I am migrating a website from one platform to another, all of the SEO power of the existing blog posts, articles and news stories is retained and doesn't damage the page rankings for the site.

How do I set these up?

Usually, if you're on an Apache web server, you would edit your .htaccess file directly, entering in the URLs you want to redirect. Webflow, however, do not give you access to the file directory, so you can't edit this file manually. What they do offer, however, is a single input field in the Hosting tab of the site settings. This is good enough if you only need to add a couple of redirects, but if you need to add any more than 10 or 20 (let alone 500), this becomes arduous.

This tutorial shows how you can use a short script to automate the form-filling process, saving you (potentially) hours of your life.

What do I need?

A list of your URLs - old and new

To begin, you'll need a list of URLs in .csv format. One column should contain the original, source URL and the other column should have the new, target URL that we want as the redirected one. I'll be using these 10 URLs as an example:

The automation script

You'll also need the script that Janne Kanerva contributed on the 'Bulk 301 importing' Webflow Wishlist page.

You can copy that below:

See the Pen xxROZbJ by Max Shepley (@max-shepley) on CodePen.